Property Management

TOV Property Management has lifted the property maintenance burdens of property owners since several years.

If your property requires professional, hands-on management, talk to the skilled team at TOV Property Management. We deliver excellence in all areas vital to the successful management of your property. Each TOV site manager is hand-picked for his expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge; we can connect you with the right workmen and get all jobs done fast. With TOV Property Management, your property will be ready to face any challenge!

Management Services

Management Services

We understand that owning a rental property in New York can be stressful. From building repairs to unruly tenants, an owner’s schedule is always moving. Here is a list of management services we are proud to provide.
  • Building Maintenance & Minor Repairs
  • Rent Collections & Evictions
  • Credit, Eviction, Sex Offender & Criminal Background Checks
  • Accurate Accounting Record Maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Cooperation w/Owners Accountants, Attorneys & Other Professionals
  • Relevant Tax Data Sharing w/All Relevant Stakeholders
  • Continuation of Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Building Service Contract Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Optimal Property Conditions
  • Monthly Fire Safety Property Inspections of Doors, Hallways, Basement, and Exterior
  • Onboarding, Payment & Supervision of Necessary Employed Persons
  • Purchase of All Supplies Necessary for Operation
  • Coordination w/Tenants to Comply w/Rules & Regulations
  • Post-Vacancy Restoration

With our real-time reporting system, you will never have to worry about monitoring property issues that arise. New York property owners will be able to track the progression of repairs and monitor the status of problematic circumstances. 

Our Team of professional property managers will be there to handle every aspect of the rental process. We provide a 24-hour emergency line to make sure you receive the very best services after hours. 

Tov Management will make sure that you never miss a payment due date, we will insure that your Mortgage and insurance and utilitys as well, are being pain on time, Tov property consumers are never paying a late fee cgarge

your rental property is up to date with all government regulations including local village/town and state and federal ordinances, Tov Property Management will ensure that code and properly insured