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Our commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of our business, from property management services to rental properties


About TOV Management

We are Your property managers

Tov Management has been managing properties for several years and all throughout those years we have maintained excellency, professionalism, and a priority toward residents. Doing so has given us a name among New York’s circle of managing companies.

Residents are always taken care of here. And we pride ourselves in that. High-end services are provided so that residents are comfortable and cozy. Tov Management is a haven for your home.

Management Services

Rent Invoicing

In order to help your tenants stay on top of rent payments, we send out monthly invoices (including a detailed breakdown of charges to their account) to remind them to payment is coming due.

Rent Collection

Tenants can pay their rent online, in real time, via electronic fund transfers. Through this technology, we can offer our owners up-to-date information on demand and in a clean detailed fashion.


We handle vendor payments promptly and provide property owners with real-time access to payment information. Our property managers use rigorous standards when evaluating and hiring vendors.

Repair & Maintenance

We partner with reputable and qualified vendors who provide high-quality repair and maintenance services at competitive prices. Our rigorous screening process ensures that your property is in the best hands.

Financial Reporting

We provide our clients with regular financial reports and on-demand access to financial information to ensure transparency and accountability in managing their property.

Apartment Turnover Services

We schedule a pre-move out inspection and provide a Move Out Letter that outlines our expectations for the condition of the property upon a tenant's departure, helping to protect our client's investment.

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Regulations and Compliance

your rental property is up to date with all government regulations including local village/town, state and federal ordinances, Tov Property Management will ensure that code and properly insured.

Tov Management will make sure that you never miss a payment due date, we will insure that your Mortgage and insurance and utilities as well, are being pain on time, Tov property consumers are never paying a late fee charge

We Manage Rental Properties (So You Don’t Have To)

To us, “TOV Management ” not only includes the basic operation, control and oversight of real estate assets but it also means: developing strategies and taking actions to maximize property values and investment returns.

This is what separates TOV Property Management from the rest; we are driven to find ways to reduce expenditures, expand revenue streams, harmonize tenant relations and take actions today that will create value tomorrow.